Basil Mint Pesto with Almonds

Basil Mint Pesto with Almonds
The good months are almost over. My potted plants will start drying up soon. And since I do not have a sunny spot in my apartment where my potted plants can thrive, I will have to bid them adieu till warmer months. In the meantime I will be using the fresh herbs (like basil, mint) to make sauces and chutneys and drying others (like rosemary & oregano).
My potted plants did better this year.. I think it was because my Baba diligently watered the plants everyday! And plant food.. I added organic plant food once a month! It has been such a delight to pluck a handful of fragrant herbs whenever I wanted.  The basil has already started turning yellow, so it was high time I made a batch of pesto!
** Be sure to wash and dry the leaves before using.
** Use a clean dry airtight container for storing if you are not using it immediately.
** I have used almonds in this recipe since I am allergic to most nuts. Feel free to use pine nuts or walnuts.



  • Basil Leaves – 2 Cups, packed
  • Mint leaves – 1 Cup, packed
  • Almonds – 1/2 Cup, toasted
  • Parmesan Cheese – 3 tbsp, grated
  • Garlic – 2 fat cloves
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1/2 Cup + 1 tsp
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

In a food processor, blitz the basil leaves, mint leaves, almonds and garlic while gradually drizzling the olive oil (except 1 tsp) till smooth. Add the grated parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper. Give it one final pulse. Transfer it to an airtight container (I used a glass canning jar), top it off with the remaining 1 tsp olive oil and stick it in the fridge if you are not using it immediately. You can freeze it too.
Add the pesto to your pasta or smear it on your toast. Sprinkle chili flakes and up the heat factor. Use it as a marinade for your shrimps or add a spoonful to your morning eggs. Do whatever you want to with this handy jar of pesto. A little goes a long way.



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