My photo made it to Mason 2016 Calendar.

The Mayor & Vice Mayor of the City of Mason presenting me with a framed image of my photograph
Sometime in March, I came across a post on a FB post regarding a photo contest for Mason’s 2016 calendar. After a not-so-quick look through my photos (which I have plenty, ha ha), I submitted  a favorite of mine and then forgot all about it till I received this email in June while I was in Kolkata..
Congratulations! Your photograph has been selected for the 2016 Mason Photo Calendar.
We will be in touch with you regarding the release of the printed calendar and would like to invite you to attend a City Council Meeting on Monday, September 14 at 7 p.m. at Mason Municipal Center to be recognized for your contribution.
Title: Pretty Shades of Winter
I was pleasantly surprised when I read the email. And happy. I shared the news only with  3 people – the husband, my friend and mentor (not only in photography) and my best friend. Then earlier this month, with my parents and a couple of friends I was talking to during the 6 yo’s birthday party and it sort of slipped out.
The event got re-scheduled to yesterday (09/28/2015) and I was there with my family.
The winners of the photo contest
I received a framed image of my photograph, a 2016 Mason Calendar and a Mason Bicentennial edition Monopoly. But what touched me most was all the love! My family couldn’t be prouder.. my 6 yo said – “Mamma, you must be famous now!”. Hilarious, I know! Heartwarming too!
Now that I am growing older, I find it difficult sharing news that puts me in the spotlight. And when I shared that with a close friend of mine, she said something in the lines of –  Do not underplay your achievements… accept the praise that you deserve instead of being overwhelmed or embarrassed by it. I have been trying to follow what she said, but not too successfully. I was reluctant to share the photos of the event on Facebook but my Ma emotionally blackmailed me into putting up the photos on Facebook and congratulatory messages have been pouring in ever since. I am truly humbled by all the love!
Btw, I just realized that my blouse matches the photograph. Happy co-incidence!

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