First Day of Third Grade – Chai+ Marie Biscuits

First Day of Third Grade + Chai and Marie Biscuit

Today is the First Day of Third Grade and the almost 8-year old went back to school happily after 2.5 month long summer vacation. His Mommy, however, prefers drowning her sorrows in cups of steaming Chai (tea) and munching on Marie Biscuit (or biskoot, as we call it). Cha (Tea) and Marie Biskoot (Chai and Marie Biscuit) has utmost importance in the lives of most Bengalis and is an instant pick-me-up for Mommy. So far, it has not helped much. Her heart still hurts a little (ok, who am I kidding – it’s hurting a lot).

First Day of Third Grade


This is not a good time for me in many ways. In Kolkata, my hometown, everyone is gearing up for Durga Pujo. It is the biggest festival of the year in my part of the country. I am homesick and I miss my family and friends back in Kolkata. Then, when school starts, I miss the almost 8-year-old to bits. I miss the extra long morning cuddles and the leisurely pace of the days. I miss the sweet sound of his constant chatter and I miss his silly jokes! I miss the surprise hugs and the sloppy kisses. I do not like it one bit that he’s growing up so fast. I mean, Third Grade!! However did that happen!!

Btw, he lost his third tooth last Saturday (Aug 12th). Here’s a pic of his super loose tooth.

Loose Tooth

Chai (tea) and Marie Biscuit

Chai (be it Masala Chai or Darjeeling tea) paired with Britannia Marie (Gold) Biscuits has always been an instant pick-me-up for me. It transports me back to my happy place – my girlhood. The time I spent with my parents, just growing older each year but not really growing up! I was surrounded by family and friends, and though life wasn’t without its struggles – I was happy in a carefree way.

Tea and Marie Biscuit

I have talked about my love for Chai (tea) so many times on my blog. It was about time that I paid my homage to Marie Biscuit as well. Also, most Bengali kids that I know here, loves Marie Biscuit as does this little human of mine!

Now that school has reopened, I will go back to my 9a-3p work hours and try to make a few more changes in my life

  1. Find more time to read
  2. Finish my chores by 9p
  3. Go to bed early
  4. Exercise

You can see the books that I planned to read during summer vacation here in the photo. I did not finish reading a single one. The kid, however, read a lot!

Cha and Marie Biscuit

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  1. This post is SO sweet. I can literally feel how much love your son and your home town. Aren’t kids such a blessing? Will you share your recipe for that chia? Yum!

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