Glimpses of Kolkata – KPC Nutrifest 2013

This was a project for the KPC School of Nutrition’s Annual Fest – “The Raj Remnants – LaatSaheb er Bangali Khansaama” and I was one of designated persons behind the lens.  We went in search of memories of yesteryears. As we walked down lanes and by lanes of Tilottama Kolkata we found memories hidden in Bengali folklores that date back to the British era.
This search of ours took us on many adventures. We set out 3:30am and witnessed the City of Joy waking up!
Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge at 5am
Victoria Memorial
Victoria Memorial at 7am
Kolkata Mounted Police
As we walked through the lanes of North Kolkata resonance with rustic nostalgia and old world charm, I fell in love with the hues and heritage this side of the city had to offer, all over again. We were out looking for restaurants which still serves food that were influenced by British Raj, and I found these frames. We went looking for history and we found people who were warm and more than happy to help us out on our mission.
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