The Day of Kite Flying in Kolkata…

The day of kite flying in Kolkata is the day the city celebrates Vishwakarma Puja. The tradition of kite flying is slowly disappearing as more and more highrises are adorning the city’s skyline. My husband is very passionate about flying kite – this year that we are in Kolkata, he made sure that he introduced our four-year old to this childhood passion of his. I have heard stories how he and his brother would prepare days ahead making the ‘manja’ – the abrasive string used to fly the kite – by adding color, some kind of adhesive and powdered glass to cotton strings. I also learned that there are different names given to kites… Petkati, Ekronga, Ghoyla, Mookhpora, Mombaati depending on how each looks like.. and something that my little one learned was to shout “BhNooo Kaatta..” each time his father’s kite string entangled around someone else’s kite string and brought it down.
Here are some snapshots from the day…. 
Kite Flying in Kolkata

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  1. Enjoy vishwakarma with flying kites with familiy n friends is one best moment in year.we all as kite lover truly passionate about serviving coumunal harmony through these season,because it is the type of testival thoroughly enjoy by all religion as well as all classes.
    It is very so wonderful that a non living(kite) is alive when its obey all direction of master of kite.I really enjoy the kite behaviour while flying.when it revolving it say that OK OK OK.when it is upwards fast it says that I am the first and when it is attacking its just like fighter aircraft taken its mission.when its cuts kites of others its act like a champion like lively things.
    As a true kite lover I get very depressed by lethal deadly nylon threads are now uses for kite flying.its not decay as a result a serious road accident can happen for its unbreakable message to all kite lover kindly spread message to kite lover not use nylon thread for kite flying.Stop buying n selling nylon thread for kite flying.

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