First Day at Second Grade: Back to School

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15th August 2016

And before we knew it, First day of Second Grade is here. The almost 7yo was more definitely more ready for it than I was. 
He was home for summer vacation for a whole of eighty-two days – which were filled with laughter, silly jokes, some feet stomping and some tears. As first day of school drew closer, he got chirpier and impatient for school to reopen – he couldn’t wait to meet his new class teacher and make new friends. I, on the other hand, was totally not ready to see him gone for 8 long hours at school. 
The husband hung around for an extra couple of hours in the morning before he left for the week for work. We went and got some coffee before he left. I chatted a little with PG while drinking a very satisfying cup of joe and then rambled around aimlessly for a while before heading back home. I kept myself busy for the next few hours working while telling myself that it will soon be time to go pick him up from the bus stop – but it wasn’t soon enough.  
The bus came 20 minutes late, it being the first day and all. He was perhaps the 10th kid to get off the bus. He waited for his friend get off the bus and then he spotted me.
He ran all the way from the bus to me and gave me a tight hug and said – “I had a great day at school Mamma and I ate everything but I lost the cereal bar.” And then he called his Baba at work and filled him in with cute little details of his day – “I had ‘a’ awesome day at school Baba… the playground in (his old school) was bigger but it is so much better in my new school…” and then he rambled on about how much he enjoyed his first day & how lucky he is that his teacher has a (service) dog in the classroom how he thought that it was absolutely amusing that his teacher had to take K, the dog, to the bathroom bang in the middle of class and squealed in laughter. 
It makes me happy to see him happy. I miss him while he is away at school. A lot. It will take a little getting used to, but I will get there. Soon. 

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