Quinoa Lunch Bowl

Quinoa Lunch Bowl


The ingredient of the Month (April) is Kickass Quinoa – a superfood in its own right.

A gorgeous lunch which is pretty much a mix n match of leftovers (mostly food cooked ahead in bulk on Sunday) bowl motivates me to eat lunch properly Monday through Wednesday. Thursdays I cook again.

Ever since my parents left in November, I have not been eating lunch on time. After many years, I do not have company for lunch and I do not like that. The husband travels for work and my 6.5 yo goes to full-day school. Skipping lunches would make me go into a full-blown ‘binge-mode’ and that had been happening more often than desired. Not a good thing at all.

This is a freestyle recipe. Use whatever you have on hand, just try to incorporate elements from all food groups –

For this recipe, I had cooked the quinoa with chicken stock instead of water which added an extra layer of flavor. I seasoned the cooked quinoa with little salt and freshly cracked black pepper, threw in some chopped cilantro and squeezed a little lemon juice to brighten up the flavors. Tossed everything together and used that in my bowl, along with leftovers.

My Quinoa Lunch Bowl includes: 
  • Protein from 2 sources – quinoa & egg
  • Starch from leftover pan roasted butternut squash
  • Greens – some wilted spinach on the bottom of the bowl (it is hiding in the pic)
  • Veggies – leftover Garlicky Asparagus
  • Healthy fat from toasted slivered almonds
Recipe Inspiration: here


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