Happy New Year folks!

Happy New Year @Cocoawind

We popped open the bottle of bubbly around 8pm, right after we put the 6 year old in bed for the night. We told ourselves.. it’s midnight somewhere! It is going to be a quiet night with lots of champagne (for me) and junk food (again, for me)! And perhaps a hopeless Hindi/Bollywood movie that we had earlier sworn that we are not going to watch.
The husband will be going for a ‘Commitment Day’ 5K run bright and early tomorrow.. so we are going to turn in early today.
Till last year, our New Years Eve has always been fairly eventful. But this year we were looking forward to staying in. This year has just been too eventful that quiet is what we are craving for.  
Or, perhaps age is catching up with us fast.
Next year we might just feel differently. We might just go out and paint the town red!
For now… Happy New Year people.. it really does not matter how you are celebrating… as long as you are celebrating it with your loved ones.
Be safe!

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