And he turned 5 and a half!

The 5 and a half year (today) old can talk non-stop! And he can come up with some “shock Mamma into silence” questions. Like a couple of months back…
“Mamma, do you know what the F-word is?” I braced myself! My mind raced… so soon? I mean he’s not even 5 and half (then)! I was fumbling for an appropriate response when he repeated the question once more, this time a little impatiently!
I could barely manage a whisper… No, what is it?
“Frog-face Mamma.. it means frog-face!”
Relieved beyond words, I went on to lecture him on name-calling.. blah.. blah… blah.. the usual drill!
He has stunned me to silence on many occasions, like the other day, when his father came back from a 4 day work trip to Washington D.C., one of the first things he told him was, “I think Mamma needs to retire!”. Trust you me, I have not told him one word about retirement, and what do I retire from? 
Then he will come up with questions like, “Does Iron Man (the superhero) iron clothes like you and Baba do?” which will make us burst out in laughter!

“You are my Valentine everyday Mamma..!” – definitely takes the cake! 

There are many, MANY such questions/comments/nonchalant statements that he is thrown at me over the years, I wish I had jotted those down!
What can I say, I am bringing up a chatterbox! I will tell him to be quiet for a minute many times during the day, but the minute he goes off to school or is off to bed for the night, I miss his non-stop repartee and wisecrack comments. 
So when he asked for a cake for his 5 and a half birthday party with gifts and balloons (there was no party, just the cake and some balloons), I could not say no! I scoured the internet for cake ideas and came up with this!

M&M Rainbow Half Birthday Cake

Very soon he’s going to grow up and I am going to miss this sweet boy of mine terribly!  For now, I will enjoy this short-lived phase to the fullest!

Cake inspiration from here!

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  1. I wanted to laugh out loud but being in the office, forced myself to laugh within myself! Seriously… kids these days do stun us beyond words, thanks to an overload of eveything! Lovely cake idea…

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