Whole Wheat Bread inspired by Rakhee

Yes! Something that I have been waiting for make for a long time now! All I needed was a little push!  This is the last week of KYB 2 and as this wonderful event comes to an end, we at KFB are a little older, a lot wiser (since we got to know so much about our fellow bloggers and their style of cooking/baking) and our recipe stockpile grew by volumes. 
Spend two minutes on Rakhee’s space – The Simple Pleasures of Baking and you will know that baking is her thing and not just cakes and cookies, but bread! I have immense respect for people who bakes so effortlessly with yeast. So far, all of my yeasty bakes have been a success, but I still get jittery at the mere thought of baking with yeast! Mommy to a very cute daughter and a busy professional, she still finds time to bake for her family.
Visit her page to learn how to bake a 100% Whole Wheat bread without using vital wheat gluten. She has used yogurt (can be replaced with vinegar) which makes her bread soft.
Since I was using vital wheat gluten (not yogurt), I got another KFBian – Sayantani (of A Homemaker’s Diary) to help me with a recipe! And she was gracious enough to not only provide me with one but help me at all odd hours and answer my 1001 questions!

I am sharing just the photos this time! Will share the recipe soon. But in the meantime do visit Rakhee’s space and check out her recipes.

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