Super Bowl and Super easy & Super quick Nachos

I have been trying very hard to follow Superbowl! Honest! Growing up amid cricket and soccer (the actual football for us), it is no easy task I tell you! Today evening reminded me of my early college days. My parents had just about had the cable connection installed and my world had opened up to a host of sitcoms, family dramas and National Geographic. While I thoroughly enjoyed watching Nat Geo, I would sit through the rest just to watch the commercials. I sat through the first half of the game just to watch Katie Perry’s half-time performance (and what a stunning performance it was!) and the amazing.. AH-mazing commercials! So far, my favorites were the ones that featured Matt Damon (ooh) and Mindy Kaling (love her!), the car ad featuring the almost 100-year olds (some over) and the JEEP ad! 
When it was almost half-time, I suddenly craved for some nachos! I ran to the kitchen mentally making a list of the things I had on hand, threw them together and voila, my quick-fix nachos was ready in under 10 minutes, just in time to watch Katie’s performance. 
Super Bowl and Super easy & Super quick Nachos
I had about half cup of leftover Satwik Rajma Curry that my friend PG had packed for me yesterday and added it to the nacho as well. 
I mixed together the cooked kidney beans (canned beans can be used as well), 3 or 4 tbsp of chopped onions, 4 tbsp of diced tomatoes, 2 tbsp of finely chopped cilantro. Seasoned it with salt, cracked black pepper, little cumin powder & paprika. Since I did not have jalapenos, I added a few drops of Frank’s hot sauce along with few squeezes of lime. 
I chopped up one avocado, hit it with some lime juice and season with some sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper and sprinkles a fat pinch of paprika. 
Layered a microwave safe bowl with handfuls of corn chips. Spooned in the bean-mix. Sprinkled handfuls of cheese (more can be used) on top and microwave it in intervals of 45 seconds till all the cheese melts. Topped it with the chopped and seasoned avocado and served. Chilled beer went perfectly with it!
The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 49 and I wasn’t even a wee bit wiser (in terms of Super Bowl) but definitely a happy soul!
Note: I had shredded Mexican Four Cheese mix on hand which was a mix of monterey jack, cheddar, asadero, queso quesadilla cheese.

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