Back to Mason, Ohio

After a 9 months stint in Kolkata, we are back to Mason again! I was hoping that we will not have to move back again and will be settling down in Kolkata – but that was not what was in store for us. 8 of 11 years of my married life has been spent in this country – a sense of familiarity has set in – which is both comforting and mundane at the same time. Life in Kolkata – well LIFE in Kolkata is a lot more vibrant, happening, may be a tad bit claustrophobic at times – but that is what the heart craves! The familiarity there is comforting, but never mundane! And the food – oh my! From street food to fine dining restaurants – it is the best!  

Life is erratic now – from breakfast at 5:30 am to falling asleep by 6 pm, to living out of boxes and suitcases, and eating take-outs – there is absolutely no sense of routine. Our first and foremost task on hand is to settle our 4 year old down. We were dreading that he is  going to throw a tantrum. He was surrounded by people in Kolkata  who would give him loads of attention, play with him and spoil him. But he seems happy. This is when we realize –  this is more home to him than Kolkata is ever going to be!

Anyways, now that we are back, among the first few things we did, was to eat at our favorite Chinese joint – Sichuan Bistro, located on Mason-Montgomery Road. We ordered our favorites – Pot Sticker, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Lo Mein and Chicken with Broccoli. They make a killer dry chili chicken as well (we did not order it this time). Spicy and flavorful, the red chili flakes pack a punch of flavors. If you cannot handle heat, you should stay away from it! The service is not the best in the town, and the wait time is pretty high – but it is totally worth it! More than often we would order take out and enjoy it at our own leisure at home.

Apart from hustling around to buy our necessities, we also took Soh to the zoo on Sunday – the last day that the zoo will celebrate Halloween. He was Spiderman this year. Last 2 years we was a Monkey and a Tiger. But this year he wanted to be SpiderMan – another indication that he is growing up – too fast for my liking. 
True, I miss my family, my friends, my city and my awesome Kolkata Food Bloggers Group,  but as the saying goes – Life goes on. I will settle down soon, and hopefully start cooking & blogging as usual! 

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