From Rumki Di’s kitchen.. Coconut Edamame Rice

I got to know Rumki Di through my husband. Her family was his local guardian when he was studying in Bangalore. I met her for the first time in Chicago, way back in 2004 and she has been an inspiration ever since. I am sure all that who know her will agree with me. She is a working Mom of two and an amazing cook. I am convinced that she has some secret super powers which she uses to manage everything so beautifully! 
I wanted to feature one of her recipes on my blog and wrote to her asking for a simple recipe. And this reached the inbox the very next day.

“…made this last night…you asked for a simple dish…I think this is simple and doable for a week day night…coconut edamame rice with dal & beguni…
recipe for rice:
1. cook rice ahead of time / can use left over too – just ensure it is not too soggy…is of the consistency for pulav / fried rice.
2. In a wok, saute finely chopped onion, garlic, added the thawed (used frozen) edamame(green soybeans in the pod), and cashew pieces…let it cook for a bit…a couple mins…then added shredded coconut and crushed mint (used dry mint leaves), salt and abt 1 tsp sugar.
3. Add the cooked rice, and incorporate well…tada! it is ready…
I served this with mushuri dal with carrot/peas, and beguni…you know the receipe for beguni…I like the begun not too thick…only 1/4 inch each, to the besan batter, I add a little posto for the crunch, and a pinch of turmeric, to make it look more apetizing…and salt and fresh crushed pepper…as always bhaja is the last thing to do…and done just before serving the rice…kids love this rice…and edamame is so rich in nutrients / protein….is way under-used I think….and good source of protien for veggie folks too…”

She was gracious enough to take the pains to take a photo so that she could share with us! I hope she can take a little more time out of her busy schedule and pen down her recipes – it is going to be a bestseller for sure!

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  1. Sarani…thank you so much for your kind words of introduction…not sure if I deserve it all…but you are the sweetest…love your blog…keep the recipes coming…!!! 🙂

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