Gota Seddho – by my Ma

Coming back to Kolkata has made me so busy (with hardly anything to do) that I took a long break from my blog and the kitchen. Today after a long time I made some lentil with vegetables – our cook, Minadi had already boiled the lentil, vegetables and kept (yeah! yeah! I am spoilt). All I did was tempered it with some onions, ginger garlic paste and some assorted spices.
This particular post is coming very late and also after a long hiatus.Keeping with tradition, this is something my Ma makes. Each year she will make Gota Seddho on Saraswati Pujo to be eaten on the next day – the day of ‘Sheetal Shasthi’ along with ‘Kuler Chutney’ and ‘Mishti Doi’.  The concept is to eat food cooked the previous day and it should not be hot. I have always loved the ‘Gota Seddho’ my Ma used to make and even though it was not mandatory for me to have it, I would relish it – it was one of the best ‘Gota Seddho’ ever.
This year Ma made it too and send me a bowlful to enjoy and was gracious enough to share the recipe with me. Basically you have to use 6 ‘gota’ (meaning whole) vegetables, 6 of each.

What was needed:

Kalo Kolai (Black Urad) or Green Moong er Daal – 100gm or 1/2 cup
Potato – 6 small
Sweet Potato – 6 small
Brinjal – 6 small
Sheem(Broad Beans) – 6
Peas in Pod – 6
Baby spinach – 6 small bunches
Roasted Black pepper crushed – 2-3 teaspoon
Aakher Gur – 5tbs
Salt to taste
Mustard Oil – 50ml – 4tbs

Now all you have to do it pressure cook all the vegetables with salt and once done you add the crushed black pepper, jaggery and mustard oil.


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